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Hey yall I've got a kind of odd-ball question. See ive been having some T-case issues, its grinding constantly when truck is moving, sounds absolutely terrible, like im dragging a paint bucket full of nails and rocks and shit.. anyways, I took it in to my family's dealership where Johnny, my diesel tech, told me its gonna be a high-dollar fix. Upwards or $3000 for a refurb t-case (yes i know i can get it cheaper than that off ebay or even from XDP). I'm currently out of work and in graduate school so I need a cheap fix. [So here's my question, is it possible to completely remove the t-case from the truck without any complications?] I know that theres an output shaft from the transmission to the t-case so obviously there would be a hole right there. Could I just cover it up somehow? I don't need my 4x4 ever honestly. IF ANYBODY HAS ANY SUGGESTIONS THAT COULD GET ME ON THE ROAD SAFELY PLEASE FEEL FREE TO VOICE YOUR OPINION.

go hogs,

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