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All stock 2006 LBZ CC srw 100,000 mi
I drag my Travel trailer on sand and my front suspension is a mess
I replaced pitman,Idler, tie rods(cognito) installed PIS Kit at 50,000
Hubs were replaced at 38000, 67,000 and recently I put Kryptonite Hubs at 100,000 in
March and third Carrier bearing and U joints.
Stainless steel Brake lines at 65,000.
Now I notice knocking in front end, inspection reveals upper ball joint play and I am aware of
the steering shaft issue.
I dont want to lift the truck.
Now the questions:
Do I replace?
1) entire upper control arms
2) lower ball joints also
3) tie rods again
4) pitman,idler,pis kit again
5) center link
6) steering shaft
I will change shocks and steering stabilizer
I hear BDS is the best stuff out there but they dont make everything
so what other Manufacturers are recommended?
Thank you in advance
Philip Q

Former GM Tech and parts
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Replace complete upper control arm assemblies, doesn't hurt to replace lowers since they're right there. Tie rods, pitman/idler/pisk, centerlink if they need it but if they don't have play I wouldn't worry about them. Steering shaft if it has play and is knocking like most of them do.
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