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06 lly 6 speed manual problems

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I recently bought an 06 gmc lly with a 6 speed manual tranny. When i get up to around 75-80 mph the rpms are up around 2200-2300 and the service engine light comes on. At this point you cant go any faster....sounds like the thing is going to blow up. Whats the deal?
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What are the codes?
Take it to AutoZone, they will read codes for free... I would say don't have them clear the codes till you write them down and post them up.
Yep thats what it is. Go ahead and clear it. If it comes back on the EGR is probably stuck closed, it's happend to a couple trucks... Most people block the EGR off anyway and I suggest you do the same. Its a good idea to block it off.
Yes. The only way of keeping a check engine light from coming on is to block the codes with EFI Live, Some tuners, and KDs fingerstick
Sure bud, Thats not my truck though... Its the truck from transformers lol your not the first to compliment it though lol
1 - 5 of 38 Posts
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