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06 lly 6 speed manual problems

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I recently bought an 06 gmc lly with a 6 speed manual tranny. When i get up to around 75-80 mph the rpms are up around 2200-2300 and the service engine light comes on. At this point you cant go any faster....sounds like the thing is going to blow up. Whats the deal?
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good luck with the codes and dont ever get rid of that truck. 06 6-speeds are almost non existant. thats why im making my own :drink btw, lets see some pics..
still setting on? what do you mean by that?
thats badass. even the nice gmc front end. very nice truck you got there :drink
im ordering my south bend double disc (750hp/1300tq) here soon for my zf6 swap :rockin. i cant wait. i found a place that has real good deals on south bend clutches, like $300 cheaper than the other lowest guy. let me know when you want one and ill send you the link :cool:
thats cheap man.. seriously. that clutch normally goes for 23-2500. the one i have to get is gonna run me $3160 shipped... lol

btw, remember is a certified flywheel that comes with it to. it eliminates the factory dual mass.
thats what i thought when i looked at the double and tripple discs. i was gona get that double 750 hp one but im around 650 now and im not real easy on my truck so im just gonna shell out the extra clams and get the top of the line tripple rated for 950 :rockin. i should never have a problem with it :rof
1 - 7 of 38 Posts
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