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Hi Guys,
I am a new member with a 06/07 express cut away with a four winds RV. It has an LLY and and Hydromatic. I live in Australia. Love the truck but nobody here knows anything about it. It has done 5000 miles from new and has 3 issues. First -Engine warning light on dash that has been on for 2000 miles- connected a Hanascan but it could not read the ecu. Second- twice now towing 2 ton at 65 mph it will produce clouds of grey smoke for 1-2 minutes,it will ping under load at the same time, I pull up start again and it will be fine. Third- when over running down a steep hill when I get to the bottom and want to power up the next hill sometimes I get no drive, the motor just revs but with no drive to the rear wheels. I usually back off, feed the power back in slowly and it starts to get drive again. Auto oil level is fine. And finally can anyone suggest a tool/programer to reset the error code and monitor the engine. Edge say there unit won't work on my 06/07 express LLY. I do all my own work and will have a go at anything. Any suggestion would be most appreciated.
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