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Used for about 2 months but changed my set-up. Comes with new EGT probe, all original paperwork, CD's, L-shaped mounting bracket, works great, easy to install.

I have PAYPAL, it is also listed on Ebay, my user name is 2tall-racing

I can mail priority with tracking today.+

- First programmer to read and display EGTs, probe included
- In-cab display monitors vital engine functions
- Additional 100 HP and 210 ft-lbs of torque
- 4 power levels with special mileage tune for improved fuel economy
- Displays DPF regeneration status
- Ships with custom designed dash pod**
- Internet updateable (USB cable included)
- Displays and clears diagnostic trouble codes with full text description
- Adjustable LED backlight color
- Displays alerts and records such as RPM, MPH, and EGT
- Simple installation
- Display Soot Mass
- Display Injector Balance Rates
- Scrolling parameters

- Corrects for non-stock tire sizes to display true speed
- Adjusts speed and rev limiters

- 0-60 and quarter-mile performance tests with drag strip Christmas tree lighting and reaction times

BONUS FEATURES:(signed waiver required)

- HOT Unlock* code releases 3 additional power levels and up to 130 HP - Forced Regeneration

Level 0: Stock
Level 1: 30 Horsepower - 57 Foot Pounds of Torque
Level 2: 50 Horsepower - 90 Foot Pounds of Torque
Level 3: 75 Horsepower - 150 Foot Pounds of Torque
Level 4: 85 Horsepower - 200 Foot Pounds of Torque

Hot Unlock Levels*

(available from Edge for an additional charge)
Level 5: 100 Horsepower - 215 Foot Pounds of Torque
Level 6: 115 Horsepower - 230 Foot Pounds of Torque
Level 7: 130 Horsepower - 250 Foot Pounds of Torque


Your Evolution programmer has the ability to remove/adjust your vehicle's factory speed limiter. Removal/adjustment of the factory speed limiter is intended for use at a closed circuit, legally sanctioned racing environment. Even if racing in a legally sanctioned racing environment, it is your responsibility to ensure your tires and other vehicle components are rated to travel at increased speeds with the speed limiter removed/adjusted. If you remove/adjust the speed limiter during highway driving, it is your responsibility to obey all driving laws, including adhering to posted speed limits. Removing/adjusting the speed limiter for purposes inconsistent with the product's intended function, as stated herein, is a violation of the product's intended use and invalidates the product's warranty. Edge Products is not responsible for, or liable for the consequences of improper product use.

** This unit from the factory ships with the basic dash pod, for customers with a luxury dash you must purchase the luxury dash pod listed below (#13016).

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Is this the Edge Evo Race CS or CTS?
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