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08 dually bed unlevel

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does anyone know why the passenger side bed is lower than the driver side?new shocks installed the frame is the same lenth on both sides.does anybody have the same problem?:help
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I have an 08 but it looks level, i'll check tomarrow. how much does yours lean ?
Check and see if the mount bolts on the bed are all tight. If they are; check and see if the thread protrusion is the same on all of them.
my friend had a 01 Tahoe that had an uncranked torsion bars ( didn't know Tahoes had TBs) but yeah it did the same sort of thing
thanks for all of your input.i will check the bolts and torsion leans an inch to the passenger side.Thanks again.
I cant see what you put??
great news ,that fixed was the torsion bar.the right side was a whole inch lower than the driver.thank yall so much for helping me fix this issue i feel like i got a brand new truck again .lol:):D
Glad I could you out man! Good luck with the truck
My 2500HD bed is 1/4" lower on the passenger side. You can look at the back glass and see the differance. How can you tell if its your torsion bar. I measured the 4 corners of my bed and passenger side is 1/4" lower on front & back passenger side. I was gonna just shim up the bed.
Check your clearance on the front tires to fender wells. The torsion bars are what hold the front of the truck up. If one is off it will be most noticeable on the rear of the bed as there is a straight edge there. The hood does not have enough of a straight edge to notice. If you bought the truck used it could have been used to haul heavy weight and the springs could be weak on the passenger side or the bed mount bushings could be worn on the passenger side. Look into the front end first.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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