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OK, I will go take some pics, its dark out so the nittos wont be great, but the STS is like BRAND NEW, the STS would not balance good, so I called Interco and they gave me a good price for another one and all I had to do was send the DOT number in off the tire, to the tire cant be used on highwayt and would only be good for truck pulling or playing in the sand dunes, and the nittos I took off when I bought the STS for truck pulling. The Nittos are about wore out but all hold air and would be good to get someone by. But I will go take a couple pics, The STS is 331.99 but as I said this one would not balance very good, called for 16 ounces but the five tires are worth $275 and I will take $250 cash and thats IT, thanks, I will be back with pics in a minute.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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