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13's or 14's on 37's?

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Is it possible to run in the 13's on 37's without alot of extensive work?
I want to be able to do it on a canned tuner also, is this possible, or do i need custom tuning?
Can i use the factory CP3? Injectors? Turbo? Internals? anything else?
Mid 13's would be nice to see but even low 14's is acceptable to me being this is a street truck and an every day driver.

Anything else i need to know about going this fast on such big tires?
I might go slightly smaller lift and go with 35's though also if its to much work to go fast on 37's.

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Do you wana play in the mud or go fast?????
tranny, lift pump, efi and you could see 13's
Efi live tuning, trans, HD centerlink and tie rods, traction bars, exhaust lift pump and you'll be in the 13's easy
you need to beef up youre front end with those tires no exception really
I wanna be able to do both as i need to be able to get through alot just to get to work.
Transmission i know i will need, Same with the Lift Pump, But is EFI Live really necessary?
yup do you live in alaska where you need alot of power and 37's to get to work or something
Live in Mid Saskatchewan were it gets quite a bit of snow, and once the snow is gone its a mess everywhere.
I want to go fast as i love the look on peoples face when a 3/4 ton diesel just blew by there $75,000 sports car.
my buddy went 13.5 at 98 with stock motor LLY on cognito 7" lift on pro comp 37's and 20's with efi sc trans and built front end. no traction bars or clamps. 1.8 60'

add twin turbos to the mix and you'll see high 12's with good tuning
So all-in-all after everything said in done, how much roughly will it cost me to go this fast in a big truck. All i currently have now is 5" Straight pipe, and K&N CAI.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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