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Does the computer limit speed on a stock truck? I know they used to when i bought Tahoes
I'm not sure about anyone else's truck, but I made a couple of speed test runs with our 2013 3500HD (LML). It got up to 99 mph on the speedo and GPS, and wouldn't go any faster. It seemed to get up to that speed pretty easily, and also seemed to have more power left over, but it wouldn't get over the 99 mph hump, even going downhill.

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ECM limits your top speed to match the 99mph tire speed rating on the tires their equipped with.

Unless you know how to tickle it just right. :wink2:


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Well now thats something to tinker with the top end!!! Maybe have to go to the pot store and get me something to help me figure this out. Recreational is legal here, LOL!!!
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