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I wanted to thank everyone on the board for your support, you orders are greatly appreciated.

We have had a few of our customers submit testimonial videos to us after installing our products on their vehicle, so I wanted to put something together as a way to say thank you for doing this.

If you would like to create a YouTube testimonial video with a part that you had purchased from 1aauto, we'll send you a free T-Shirt and some other goodies for your efforts.

What we would need is for you to post the video on your YouTube account, so that we could download it and add it to our 1A Auto auto repair channel on YouTube.

When your done, you can PM me the link and then I'll reply to get your full name and shipping address.

Here's a link to our testimonial playlist, in-case you would like to get an idea of what to do in your video.

Thanks once again guys,

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