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1st Duramax

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Hey everyone :rockin ....Names Rodney, Live in Las Vegas NV.... Just bought my MAX in Jaunary so im new to the diesel world & lovin it! These trucks truly do make driving way more enjoyalbe. I dont have any problems at the moment, just wanted to introduce myself & say hi.... This site rocks & if I have any questions I know where to ask :D
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Congrats and welcome.
Welcome to the site and good luck with that Edge.
^^^lol he beat me too it good luck

and post sum pics!
Welcome to the DF!

Congrats on the new truck! :drink
Welcome to the forum! :drink

Your truck looks killer! You got any more pics? :rockin

Welcome to the forum!
Welcome to DF. Congrats on your new ride.

Take care,
Welcome to the Forum!!!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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