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Hi, new here, also new to being my own diesel mechanic but it's my only option. Having trouble with truck not starting. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. What has happened:

Fuel gauge stopped working, about a year ago, About 4 weeks ago A "water in fuel" warning flashed once and disappeared. It flashed a few more times over the course of a few days but never stayed on, Then I got a code on my scanner (P0093) "large fuel leak detected". The truck was running fine and I pulled over and didn't smell or see diesel leaking, so I cleared the code to see if it would throw it again and I kept driving. It then ran fine with no codes or warning lights for 2 weeks. Then there were a few times I noticed a light sputtering and loss of power as it didn't want to accelerate past 65mph. Then another week went by with no warning lights, codes, or noticeable engine issues. 3 days ago as I was returning home about a block from my house it died going 25mph and lost power to everything as if the serpentine belt had snapped. I looked under the hood and the belt was fine. I started the truck taking 3-5 seconds longer to crank than usually and made it to the house where it died as I was pulling in. Now it wont start.

I now have codes P1271, P1272, P1283. All codes are for the Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor. I noticed that now when I turn the ignition on to warm glow plugs before cranking, there is no Buzz or hum that sounds like a computer powering up. The gauges and lights turn on and the "wait to start" light goes off but it's just missing the normal sound of something mechanical getting ready to start. My first thought was bad fuel pump in tank so I changed the fuel transfer pump in the tank hoping to fix the fuel gauge as well. That seemed to go well and after priming it still just cranks without turning over. It still does not have the startup sound that I'm used to hearing... Would a faulty APP Sensor keep the truck from starting? Also, what is the first thing that powers on when the key is turned forward? Does the PCM make a "power up" noise? Should I just jump straight to replacing the pedal sensor? Sorry if I sound like a rookie just trying to learn about this machine.

Thanks in advance
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