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I need help. I have a 2001 3500 4x4. It has 58000 miles on it. I have not had any trouble in the past and just had it serviced by dealer 2 weeks ago. I have drove it 1500 miles since servicing with no issues. 3 days ago I left texas headed for south carolina. On day 2 of the trip I noticed the oil pressure dropped to 25# normally it runs 75#. I pulled over at a fuel station and checked the oil, it showed full on the stick and I noticed a film of oil all over the side of the truck and the tail gate. I struck back out on the road and made it about 75 miles and a car pulled up beside me and said I was throwing oil all over the place. I took the next exit and checked the oil and there was nothing on the dip stick and there was oil all over the outside of the truck and everything under the truck was covered with oil. I started putting oil in the truck and it took 2 gallons before it registered on the dip stick. I started the truck and oil was flooding out from somewhere like a water fall. I think I may have put to much oil since the truck was hot which is why it was flooding out but I could not tell where the leak was coming from or what caused it. I called a tow truck and had it hauled to a dealer in Alabama and called a friend to come get me and take me on to south carolina. When the tow truck arrived I started the truck and backed it up, a massive cloud of smoke came from the exhaust and the truck sounded sluggish. My truck is at the dealership in Alabama and I am going to call them monday. Does anybody have any Ideas of what could have happened to my MAX.
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