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I know this isnt a Duramax, but that is what I am going to buy when I sell this (eventually)

2002 Chevy Xtreme Blazer 4.3L Vortec V-6 Automatic 54,000 HIGHWAY MILES! Power sunroof, power everything. Lowered 2/3 with Belltech Spindles and Lowering Blocks- C-notched frame. 20" Panther Origin Wheels. Sumitomo tires. 245/35/20 (I think) Clear corners.
The tires only have about 20,000 miles on them. Tires are in mint shape. Paint and interior are in mint condition!! I have taken exceptionally good care of this vehicle. I guarantee you wont find a cleaner vehicle. I wash it once sometimes twice a week. You can even ask my neighbors..
No stained seats, non-smoker. Oil has been changed every 4000 miles using Castrol Syntec Fully Synthetic motor oil. All fluids were changed over to synthetic when I bought it. Never had any problems what so ever. Windows are in mint condition. The front end has no cracks or scrapes. It has the towing package. I pull my waverunner with it and it works great.
Infinity Kappa speakers.
Alpine deck
K&N air filter

If you want looks and compliments this car is the one for you! I cannot tell you how many times I have been getting gas and people tell me how nice my truck is. It is an awesome feeling know people like your car, but it has to go do to college. If you want more pictures just let me know.

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