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That was happening to mine. This is how it will play out.
1. Happens every once in awhile.
2. Then more frequently.
3. Next it will throw a code. Probably will have something to do with incorrect gear ratio.
4. Then you're getting a new/rebuilt transmission because one of the clutch packs has failed.

I'd take it back to the dealer and beat them up about it until they fix it. They said they checked it out, but only the dealer really knows the truth. Besides, unless the TCM is generating a code, the only way to really check the transmission is to take it apart. I had recently had a trans service done on mine, (NOT a mechanical flush) and it started failing a couple weeks later. This is somewhat common. New fluid cleans out the old deposits and things start to fail if the transmission has not been cared for properly.

Sorry for the bad news.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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