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I have a 2003 Duramax and this weekend while towing my camper the tranny would shift into high gear, I felt a jar like a engine miss then the rpm's went up and it wouldn't shift into high gear. So I pulled of an exit and stopped, I started to go again and it was like the truck was in 4th gear on take off. I stopped and put it in park and the DIC said range shift inhibited. So I shut it off and let it set, I tried it again and everything was fine, so I drove another 4 hours home with no problem. The codes read P0700,P0735,P0234. This happened once before about a year ago and I was told to unplug the sensor wire to my fuel filter, I did and it shifted correctly again, but it didn't give the range shift inhibited fault then. Any help would be appreciated.

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