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2003 2500HD Duramax FUEL PUMP????

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My truck will not start. If I spray ether in the breather it will start and stay running all day. Could this be my fuel pump? If so I heard there are two of them. Where are they? Sorry, real new to diesels????
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DO NOT USE EITHER ON YOUR TRUCK you WILL ruin it its not maybe but will...try to prime it its a button on top of the fuel filter housing...not trying to sound like an as$ man just that will completely trash your engine trying to give you a heads up
filter housing could be cracked causing it to lose prime seems to happen quite a bit on the duramax
yea if mine just sits for a day i have to prime it when i go to start it or else it will turn over then die...but i dont know man im still pretty new to the diesel world so beyond the housing filter and all that i can tell you with confidence what it could sorry i couldnt be of more help im sure someone will chime in with a million times more knowledge than me...good luck to you:drink
^^^ also did you put fuel on the o-rings when you changed it? if not it might not be completely sealed
i would think so but to me i think it would be leaking when its not running or air getting in the lines from sitting? someone will clear this up and tell me im wrong haha
and oh yea welcome to the df! if you fill out your sig with your truck and what mods you have people will be able to help you more
could be glow plug/pre-heater is it just struggling to start or does it turn over then die?
id say its the glow plugs then whats the weather like where you are at?
it doesnt have to be as hot to ignite the ether as it does to ignite the long have you been using the ether to start it?
either way stay far far far away from ether it will ruin your max...
1 - 10 of 38 Posts
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