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So I've been lurking on this site since I bought my truck reading the opinions of all the D-Max experts and have decided my truck needs some changes.
I have a 2003 Base model LS ex-military truck(here in Canada anyway) with 45,000mi on it that has no power locks or windows, AM/FM stereo(not even CD), small mirrors... It does have some badass steel bumpers though.
I would like to add some features to my rig without breaking the bank, at least for now till the lift kit goes on.
One thing I have decided for sure is the stereo has to go. I'll be putting in something like an Eclipse head unit and MB Quart 2 ways in all four doors just run from the deck, no amp.
What I'm wondering is where would you guys start upgrading this truck?

I'll post some pics of the truck when I get a chance.
Thanks in advance,
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