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I have an 03 duramax and I live in Florida.
I've been having problems with the filter losing prime when I park up hill. this usually only occurs on cold mornings (40's)

I had a leak at the o ring fixed that. Napa filter, had problems with adding Lucas treatment Clogged the filter.

Also I am getting a rough idle and a little vibration @ 1500 RPM range going through the gears.

I have seen plugs to remove the water in fuel sensor. is that a good idea or not? If I can run safely without the WIF sensor. is there a Fuel filter without the fitting on the botom that will fit? if so what is the part # and where can I get one?
Is the part # for the stock fuel filter TP 3012?

I am also reading that I need to replace the rubber fuel lines. 1/2 inch and I would need about 3 feet? any recomendations of line?

This is a bone stock work truck

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You got a few options.... You could either rebuild your current filter head, remove your current WIF sensor, or for nearly the same price get a CAT adapter. Its a special adapter that makes it so you can use a CAT filter on your stock head. the CAT filters are better and take out more garbage.

Rebuild kit:
FILTER HEADS AND REBUILDS : DMAXSTORE.COM, Your Duramax Diesel-Only Shopping Resource

Also, If you add a lift pump you will never have to prime again! It will also replace all the lines from the gas tank to the motor :cool:

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