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2003 duramax deal

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So I have been looking at buying a duramax and found 2 2003 duramax both have 160,000 miles on them. One has all records and was well maintained the other nothin on car fax exept it was own by Oklahoma department of motor vehicle. The one with all the records seems to have more power but the breaks seemed to be sticking. They both are 16,000$ any input would be nice. Thanks
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The biggest issue with the lb7 trucks is just the injectors.. They are the weak link in your equation. Do you know if they have been changed out yet? If not, and they are at a dealer, have them hook it up to their diagnostics machine and check the balance rates of the injectors. The rates should be within +/- 4 in park and +/-6 in drive FYI.. Price seems a little high to me for an lb7 truck with that many miles. What are the options on them? Pics?

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