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2003 Lb7 Fuel Issues? Starts and Dies, then won't start again

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Hello All,

Thanks for taking a look. I have a 2003 lb7 with barely 100k miles on it. I have kept the truck relatively bone stock, outside of installing an Air Dogg as it seemed to be the right thing to do considering the injector issues these can have. Please note, I am an ok mechanic but Diesel is new to me and so I am in some deeper water trying to figure this out.

The truck recently just died mid-drive. Any attempt to start it led to it turning over however it refused to fire. There is no battery/starter issue as it all seems fuel related. After sitting for about a day, it will fire up and run for about 3 seconds before dying again. After it dies I have tried to check and make sure fuel is getting up to the filter housing and upon opening the bleeder screw I get a strong stream of diesel flowing. If I try to prime it, the plunger will not budge. Fuel seems to be making it up to the fuel filter housing but I can't seem to figure out what happens next.

This is the next part that worries me and has me wondering where to start, I pulled the following codes:

P0089 - Fuel Pressure Regulator 1 Performance (This has been intermittent and goes away with fill-ups or whenever I tow)
P0201 - Injector Circuit / Open Cylinder 1
Po202 - Injector Circuit / Open Cylinder 2
P0203 - Injector Circuit / Open Cylinder 3
P0204 - Injector Circuit / Open Cylinder 4
P0205 - Injector Circuit / Open Cylinder 5
P0206 - Injector Circuit / Open Cylinder 6
P0207 - Injector Circuit / Open Cylinder 7
P0208 - Injector Circuit / Open Cylinder 8
P0370 - Timing Reference High-Resolution Signal A
P0404 - Exhaust Gas recirculation Control Circuit Range/Performance
P2146 - Fuel Injector Group A Supply Voltage / Circuit Open
P2149 - Fuel Injector Group B Supply Voltage / Circuit Open

With all these new codes, I have no idea where to start. Before pulling codes I imagined something was wrong in the fuel-filter housing which I did a rebuild kit on 10k miles ago however it looks like thats not the case. I am googling but just not sure where to go.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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With all the p02 codes being common, then I would start at fuse box and try to chase power to one of the injectors. Almost sounds like you have some broken wires or a bad connection in a plug somewhere.

But could be as simple as a fuse. Or relay.
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Thanks for the tip,

Are there any common spots for the wires to get exposed to heat and give? I checked fuses but everything seems fine there.
I don’t and never did have your year model truck, but I remember reading about some early years had trouble in the wiring harness near the alternator.
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