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I just got back from vacation and had my brakes serviced while I was gone. I also had an issue with the OBD reader not working, so they found the issue (simple fuse) and fixed that. The fuel gauge issue has been a problem as well, and I read that resetting the codes it throws (P0700 and P0090) would fix it.

Everything was great, the brakes were not squealing at all, it ran awesome. I reset the codes, my fuel gauge started working immediately....and my turbo stopped working immediately.

I drove it home (20ish miles) and I was looking at the issue codes (Now ONLY showing P0046) and while I was driving I pulled over, turned it off for 5 minutes or so, got back on the road and drove it the other 2 miles home and at 35mph I heard the turbo stutter and then a pop, then the engine seemed to get MUCH louder in the cab.

It is a 2004.5 LLY with 348k, injectors were changed at 280k-ish (Was a state truck) it is completely stock. I am a landscaper and this truck is my livelihood. I do not have a backup.

PS I am NOT a mechanic, so saying "Check the EGR" or Check "XXX" will not really help, unless you can provide a semi-detailed location of the part, link to a video, or post a picture. I know that is a lot to ask but without this I have 0 income.

Thank you.
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