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I purchased and installed a set of Recon smoked factory style (bigger) cab lights for my 2004 truck. Well, after 2 sets of recons, they still leak like a water faucet. I am fed up with it. I wish I would have bucked up and installed the newer thinner LED style when I did it.

So..... I've been pondering purchasing the factory style lights even though they are amber in color and putting them on. My question is..... I see on the factory ones there is these metal deals that appear to go down through the cab so that when you tighten the screws up they spread out of pull tight against the roof. I'm guessing that you would have to drill a hole big enough for these to go down through?

The only other thing I wish is I could somehow weld up the center lights 2 front and 2 back holes and then install the newer style lights. I believe the outer 2 screws on the center light are the same distance as the newer lights. I don't for see it being too cheap to do so.


Just looking for a little guidance and recommendations on what I should do. I'm tired of the junk Recon stuff even though they look decent, and even silicon hasn't stopped them from leaking.


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