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2005 Duramax Dies when accelerating

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My 2005 will randomly die when powering onto a freeway or from a stop light.
It alway restarts and runs fine afterword. There are no warning lights or water in fuels lights on. It seems to happen more in the morning or wet days.
When it happens on the highway I can simply throw it into neutral restart and drop back to drive.

Anyone have this issue????
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Injector Pump

It sounds like you have the same problem I do. I had the dealer check the fuel system,
And it turnout to be the Diesel Injector Pump
Good Luck.
More times than not its the fuel filter, It only takes one tank of bad fuel to junk a filter!!
I just changed the filter and we will see how it goes.
I never had this issue with my 01 dmax and I was pretty lazy about changing the filter. The 05 lly seems a little more sensitive for some reason.
It could just be that I landed a water well instead of a diesel tank at the pump...

Thanks for the comments....
No problem LEt us know how it works out, i change mine every other oil change and have had to change one sooner because of a dirty tank of fuel!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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