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It's a Duramax LBZ in my avatar and the lighting has always seemed weak.
I'd like to change out the headlights and taillights for modern lighting.
As I've searched for replacements, they don't seem to be designed for my truck.
The lights appear to be more narrow and rectangular than my current Classic lights.
Amazon claims these fit my truck.

Looking for recommends for similar fitting products from the pro's around here.

And yes, I'd like to refit the taillights too.

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None of that bling crap lasts long. In a year, everything but the halogen bulb will start to flake out.

Halogen bulbs' lumens output diminishes with age.
This^ is what feeds the aftermarket junk of blue this, crystal that, etc.

Tired of not being able to see at night, many will see the glam of the more expensive stuff, install 'em, then proclaim to the world, that brand xx is the best and everyone should try 'em.

When it fact, if you would've bought the basic inexpensive 9006 bulbs and swapped those out from the old weak ones, you'd be proclaiming that 'this is the way to go, buy these!"

Now if the lenses have yellowed or glazed over, that's another thing. In that case, new fixtures come with new high/low Halogens.
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