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2006 Chevy LBZ Duramax 4X4 CCLB
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New to the forum and hoping to shed some light on an issue I’ve been having.
for a while now I’ve been experiencing an uncomfortably loud ticking sound coming from my drivers side of my engine after replacing my injectors about 6 months ago. There are roughly 5000 miles on the new injectors and I’m getting a decently loud tick from the engine. Before i replaced the injectors I had an extremely loud ticking, almost like a knock, from the same side when I would put the engine under any load. When I had replaced them the ticking went away completely and I got this new tick within this span of time. I haven’t noticed it getting any worse than it is and I’ve been experiencing it for roughly 4 months. My Balance rates at cold start are all reading between +2/-2 except injector number two which is giving me between +5/-5. But when it’s up to temp all 8 read between +1/-1. When I go to drive unless the engine had idled up to the ect reading above 120 I get a decently loud ticking, almost knocking, but as it warms up the knocking when I drive goes away completely. But the tick stays at idle. Figured it couldn’t be a bad injector since they’re a Bosch certified remans and all the others are within perfect spec. Any ideas would help a ton!
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