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2006 Stock Chevy Mod Advice???

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I just purchased a 2006 Chevy H.D. 2500 Crew Cab Duramax Diesel with the LBZ engine. I would like to put a programmer, air intake system, and new exhaust system. I have very little knowledge to what products will be the best for added horsepower and fuel economy. If anyone has an opinion on what products would be the best I would appreciate it. I noticed that there are not a lot of choices with the 2006 LBZ.
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Thins i would start with is a egr blocker and code stoper from kennedy diesel and than you can add a turbo back exhaust best one out is a mbrp but almost all 4" systems are pretty good! as for the air intake the lbz has a great intake stock so leave it alone for now!!! and for programer i would either go with a predator or an excelarator from PPE they are the best 2 out right now but edge juice should be out sometime soon!!!!!

Good luck
if your gonna chip/program it, gauges, particlulary exhaust gas temp, is very important as well:beer
The new new Diablosport was released about a month ago. Had really good luck with their other products, so no reason to expect otherwise with the new one. Information can be found in my forum in the Supporting Vendors area.

PPE also makes some good Duramax stuff as well. The Duramax is their specialty. They run, but they aren't a simple download and forget chip. They are aggressive enough that you don't want to run them on high level without upgrading the transmission. I have a customer with the PPE on his LBZ and after about 3 weeks of the thing slipping here and there he finally turned it down.

Definetly need some sort of gauges. Boost and EGT at teh minimum. There are several options out there to get gauges that closely match your stock ones and that can be installed cleanly and look factory.

We have just released the X Tuner for the 06 LLY/LBZ. We are seeing gains of 140hp to the ground. They work as a scanner which will read and clear codes. Mileage usually improves in the neighborhood of 1-3mpg. Gauges would be a good idea and we can fix you up with either anolog or digital. We also offer a complete turbo to tail stainless kit with tip for under $600
Shouldent that be said, front pipe back as nobody but tts makes a true turbo down pipe?
Sorry, I stand corrected. This is a headpipe back kit, just like every one elses.:thumbsup :poke
:beer Sorry Pat i a wasent trying to be a smart a$$ just didnt want anyone miss lead, that could be bad for everyone, you guys shoud develope a true down pipe for the stock turbos, surely it would be cheaper than tts's rip off price of 700 bucks!!!! and it would be a good addition to the big manifold!!!!
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