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Ocala, Florida
2007.5 LMM 302,000miles

My wife daily drives this truck since we bought it in 2013.

Regular maintenance has been as follows;
5 to 10k mile oil changes.
40k mile changes on trans, diffs and transfer case.
Every 2yrs on power steering/brake flush

Parts replacement;
2019 New Duracell agm batteries
2019 coolant, PPE coolant hoses, AC Delco thermostats and Duramax water pump
2018 all new moog ball joints, suspension and steering, bilstin 5100 shocks, power stop brake kit caliper/pads/rotors.
2016 AC Delco hydro boost
2015 new OEM seat leather, front seats
2014 new AC Delco glow plugs, hummer h2 wheels
2013 “reliability upgrades”

As of 3/14/2020
The condition of the truck is overall, good.

Some cosmetic wear which would include small dents (bed) are minor, zero rust, paint is in good condition, normal wear for year and miles. Some body moldings have fade or wear.

Some wear, dash has some cracking in the typical places the gmt900 dash’s tend to crack. All features and options work aside from the TPMS which needs new sensors if you want this to work.

We are motivated to sell. Time for a practical family daily driver.
We have taken the truck for trade in appraisal and ultimately we want to private sell, the truck has too much life left and has been maintained too well for it to go to auction and marked up for retail.

Its served us well and want to pass it on to someone who’ll enjoy it as much as we have.

Call or message 770-314-8180


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Updated today 3/14/2020
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