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New to the site, Sorry for the long post, just trying to get all the info out there.

Just bought my first Duramax 08 2500HD crew cab 6.5’ bed. It looks like the keys have been cranked some, the front is not level with the rear but it’s close. Stock rims with 265/70 17 tires. I bought some used Fuel Kranks 20 x 10 -24mm backspace is what I was told, I haven’t measured yet, with 305/55 20 NITTO tires. I also got a kit from him with keys, shock extensions and 1” blocks for the rear.

I tried the wheels on and the fronts rub the back side pretty bad, so I started adjusting the keys.

Measuring from the bottom of the fender to the center of the hub
left rear measures 27” & right rear is 26 3/8” (not sure why there’s so much difference in the back)

I installed the new keys and shock extensions and got the fronts up to about 27”, they are cranked all the way, so the new keys only got me maybe 3/4” higher than my stock keys. I’ve only got maybe 3/8”-1/2” gap in the uca to frame bump stop. I don’t like the way that looks.

I guess the 1” blocks are to put some rake back in it?
Are there different size keys to get more lift?

I haven’t tried the new wheels yet since getting the front up to 27” but I’m thinking they are still going to hit.

Does it sound like I’m wasting time trying to fit these wheels without installing a lift?

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