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2008 air filter upgrade

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hey everone hey i have 2008 chevy duramax i have try two different types of filter upgrade i have tryed air aids system and a k and n drop in filter. the problem i am having is that it throws a mass airflow sensor code with both systems the air aid one worked for three months thenone day it started poping codes. i took it to the dealer and they said it was the intake system so they took it off and put factory back on and no codes any more. then like 4 months later i went to checker to buy a replacement filter and i saw that they had a k and n drop in filter so i installed the filter and like a hour after installing it started poping codes so i was able to return the filter and kand n said they are having problems with the filter design. so does anyone know of a filter that i can get were it wont throw a mass air flow sensor code. or do i need to get a kit and a programmer so it reflashes the mass air flow peramitors
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No codes so far with a AFE PG7 drop in replacement. 10K miles so far.
save your money the stocker flows more then enough on an 08 for anything less then 500hp...thats not bs i flow benched it.
ok so how do i get the fuel milage up on it. im only get 10.4 right now but i only use it to pull my horse trailor truck is a 3500 fourdoor dully 2wd. any suggestions that arnt that expenceive
There is really nothing you can do other than ditching the DPF. You are doing well to get what you are getting if all you do is tow.

And they are right the cold air intakes are a waste of money and let in more dirt and crap than stock.
^^^^ya like he said...get rid of the DPF and get a canned tunner like ppe, edge or just get efi live and be done with it. All of these will help with towing and mpg's!!
...two different types of filter upgrade
Time to acknowledge some reality, and return your truck to stock.

You would have saved some heartache by doing a little reading in advance.

Intake "upgrades" are usually downgrades, as you are discovering. The maf code is not the worst of it either.
Throw an S&B intake on it. They are the best bang for the buck aftermarket intake available and will NOT throw any codes. Here is a link with more info and pricing.

Get a programer. Helps a little. Get a programmer and ditch exhaust helps alot. I have a programmer for sale for an 08 if interested. It was on mine then I ditched the exhaust.
well if i dich the exhaust wont that void my warrenty and agenst the law. how much does it cost to get rid of the ddp
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