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I bought my 08 new and it has had 4 minor problems.

1. The 4WD in cab switch failed. There is a TSB from GM on this.
2. Replaced a dripping transaxle rear seal.
3. Replaced the passenger side tow mirror because the plastic cap rattled like crazy in a cross wind.
4. An ECM reflash to eliminate some weird ghost codes related to my factory trailer brakes.

All fixed under warranty with no problems. This is the best new truck I have ever owned. Getting a VIN check before you buy one should tell you a lot. You also may want to consider beefing up your cooling with an aftermarket transmission and/or oil cooler if you are going to be towing or loaded heavy and the OAT gets to be a 100+ like it does here.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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