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Gents; I recently bought the dirtiest Chevy Express cutaway on either side of the Mississippi. I invested a whole day cleaning the interior of the cab and another whole day emptying and cleaning the inside of the box. I was a little generous with the application of Simple Green after removing the angle iron shelving and shoveling out the grime. After four gallons of simple green, an hour with the power washer and a brush and a sidewalk type broom I was satisfied that the box wasn't getting any cleaner.

I helped the wood floor dry overnight with a few carpet blowers and then sanded it before applying a few coats of Zar UltraMax poly. My 3M PPS spray gun made quick work of the poly application. After a few days I was able to move my tools and equipment in.

I replaced the air filter which was horrendously filthy, degreased and cleaned the engine, washed the rest of the exterior, installed new sealed beam headlights, fixed the LED tail/brake lights, and crawled around the underside of the chassis to see what I had bought. The chassis will get some rust prevention work in the spring but overall I'm satisfied that I didn't get hosed.

The transmission wasn't holding overdrive (4L80E, no Allision in the vans). Turns out the batteries weren't strong enough to power the trans controller and start the vehicle at the same time. I charged a pair of new batteries that I pilfered from one of my other trucks overnight and now the trans is great, buttery smooth shifts.

I have a check engine light and the codes indicate I have no intact glow plugs. I bought a set but haven't had time to swap them out yet. Anyone have any experience to share here?

The oil and fuel filters had been changed just a few hundred miles before I bought the truck and it had new brakes all around.

I bought replacement seats - the originals were filthy and torn, and new door panels so I can install new speakers and add power locks and windows. I need some help with the parts required to add power locks and windows as so far I only have the panels and oem switches.

I also bought a new chrome bumper, grill, and headlight enclosures so I can ditch the sealed beams. I'll install these after I have the cab repainted, probably in the spring.

Gotta say, I love the smooth power the DuraMax has in the van. It pulls so nice even though it's de-rated to be compatible with the 4L80E transmission.

Any input you can offer on the glow plug swap and addition of power windows and locks would be appreciated.

Thanks much!!

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If the set you bought aren't acDelco, take 'em back and swap 'em out.
Other brands don't play well with the Dmax.

Oh, and major error on yer part......we require pics with such a detailed excursion. marx

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Soak the glow plugs overnight with a good penetrate like Kroil and change them with the engine at least warm. For headlights the JW Speaker Evolution 2 8900 or 8910 heated will provide a far better light and life than the composite lights and they are plug/play.
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