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I just put a new set of 37x13.50x22 Toyo M/T's on my truck. After the tires were mounted, the truck was pulling WAY harder to the right then ever before. The next thing I did was take it to get an alignment so I don't wear the new tires uneven. They said I had some bad front end parts so I replaced the following:

Driver upper control arm bushing's with Moog offset bushings (The last time I took it in for an alignment, they said my keys were maxed out, this gave me more adjust-ability)

Passenger upper and lower ball joints
pitman arm
idler arm
both cv axles

I recently put two brand new hubs on as well

I took it too an old school alignment shop (no digital equipment or racks) and they aligned, said they fixed toe but could not fix the pulling right issue. Took it to Youngstedts and had them align it, they spent hours doing it, aligned it twice actually, see print outs, and it still pulls to the right.

We tried flipping the tires around too see if one was bad and it didn't make a difference. Just wondering if anyone can see if they should be setting any of the adjustments out of spec to make it track straight.

Otherwise I have begun trouble shooting the following:
Steering stabilizer
fender to tire measurement
I already laser temp read my rotors after driving, none were hotter than others

What else can I try? Remember, the pulling issue began immediately after the new tires were put on, not after I put all the new front end parts in. IT always pulled a little before, but nothing like this.

Please help


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