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Hey guys. I feel I've read everything I possibly can so wanted to ask this question. I want to buy this 2012 2500 that is in Evergreen Colorado. It has 117K miles on it but I'm talking myself out of buying any Duramax that has the new emissions system on it. Everywhere I read about DEF, it sounds like doom and gloom. I haven't pulled the carfax on it yet to see if any of the emission systems have been replaced. Was hoping the seller would pull it so I can avoid paying $40 but obviously will if I proceed.

Is the DEF issue seriously that common in all these trucks since 2011 or am I just reading all of the horror stories here? Should I be scared away from purchasing this truck knowing the issues with DEF? I'm in Colorado so deleting is not an option since I have to pass emissions every 2 years.

Thanks for any advice.


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