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SOLD!!!! 2015 Denali Tailgate For Sale $350

SOLD!!! 2015 Olympic White GMC Chevy 1500 or 2500 tailgate. It is off my Denali 2500 with Assist, Lock and Backup Camera options. BACK UP CAMERA REMOVED. No cosmetic exterior damage to paint. Needs someone who can do some minor repair and is not expecting a "garage queen" result on the interior of the bed. The exterior is unharmed. Fully functional tailgate, all hardware included except camera itself. If you own a body shop puller and have a little bit of experience, this gate can be repaired and will not need any hardware or paintwork. If you just need a functional tailgate that works and locks and you are going to beat it up anyway, this is a good candidate. Apparently, the 1500 and 2500 both use the same gate. I was unaware of this until after I purchased and new unit.


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