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First time here, 2015 LML, Deleted blocker plates, FloPro 5", SOTF EZlynk
Have had a an issue with a whining/ grinding noise coming from the bottom of my truck. it only happens when I'm go to accelerate at coasting speeds 35- 45 mph does not happen on freeway speeds 60+. when I accelerate from 35mph to increase speed, before it downshifts there is a whining/ grinding noise. sounds like a low torque whine I can't figure out where its coming from and it only happens while im driving. went to a shop I've trusted for years and had my trans rebuilt thinking that was the issue, the trans needed to be rebuilt anyway but the sound never went away.

Just noticed my Transfer Case is leaking form the seal in the rear. possibly carrier bearing? output shaft bearing? or the trans case in general? or the dreaded Pump Rub.
ive been doing a lot of research and I can't find anything about this issue.
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