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2016 Chev Duramax 3500 HD Oil Pan Leak 90k

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Has anyone installed the PPE high capacity aluminum oil pan? GM recommends replacing the pan but they are several months out. I know that GM does not use a gasket on the lower pan to the upper pan. I know that they do make an aftermarket gasket. Has anyone installed a gasket and had luck with it? My thinking is that if the GM sealant was so good why is my oil pan leaking with only 90k on it and so many others leaking.


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Update: I ended up not using the gasket and just used the black permatex sealant in a can. The instructions told me to use loctite blue on the pan bolt threads and torque to 89 in lbs. Worst part of the whole thing is that the oil is very dirty and the old pan was a pain to get off.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts