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Longtime lurker but forgot my old login and my first post.

I recently dropped my truck off at the dealer where I bought it. There are about 85,000 miles on it and its been sitting for a few months because of my work schedule, all the crap I had to clean out, and where I parked it. Back in Spring, I got a code for the DEF Tank Heater and the truck started the speed limit countdown. With that, I parked it with enough miles left to make it to the dealer, at 55mph, and figured that I'd drive one of my other vehicles and deal with it on a weekend. As the weekends clicked by, I realized I was still making payments on a lawn ornament and made time to get it to the dealer.

After soldering the Crank Sensor Wire back together (maybe a squirrel or the fan), I put a new serp belt and fuel filter on it and dropped it off, after hours. I checked the box for them to call me so I could let them know about my fix and they could either admire my perfect tape job, or know where to look if I had overestimated my soldering prowess. I was thinking they'd replace the DEF tank and fix the oil leak (that I've had since 30,000 miles) and I'd be good to go. I got a call from service and I let him know what I had done and what I thought the problem was, based on the codes and speed limiter.

Got another call from the service writer and a quote for $870 to clean the Intake Air Heater plug and I assume replace the heater. I had gotten so used to the CEL burning because of the intake heater, I had forgotten about it. That started around 50,000 miles ago. I didn't have any starting symptoms and just like my decision to keep it topped off with oil, I figured I'd get around to it. I similar experiences with glowplugs and heaters my '03 LB7 and '05 LLY, but never really had an issue getting them started.

Back to present day, I asked them to just do the warranty service on the DEF tank and didn't even address the oil leak. He told me that before they could begin investigating the DEF system, the Intake Heater had to be addressed, as the emissions system can't be properly diagnosed and the heater is probably not allowing the truck to re-gen. And if I wanted to do it myself, all I owe is the 1hr of shop time for diagnosing the Intake Heater code.

Seems like he knows, with 6 miles before the speed is limited to 4mph, that I don't have too many options and decided to price it accordingly. As it stands now, NAPA has the heater for $120 and I plan to change it in the parking lot.

Any reason why I should avoid the cheap one from NAPA?
And am I way off base, assuming that service was capitalizing on the situation?

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A. Don’t by the Napa one. Buy the GM part.

B. The IAH really doesn’t need to be repaired/working to properly address a DEF system issue for a tank heater dtc.

C. Last I checked, the IAH doesn’t really have much at all to do with a regen.

D. Yes, to me it sounds like you’re getting jerked around but I’m nobody special so?? 🤷🏻‍♂️
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