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I just got a 2020 Chevy Silverado 1500 LT with the 3.0L Durmax, 4x4. Absolutely love it. I’ve been very attune to limiting idling after remote start on cold mornings (interesting fact my 2017 V6 would time out and shut off the engine after remote starting, my 2020 diesel where long idles are forbidden have no such timeout).

Last night it seemed like DPF was in regen coming home (it drives me nuts they couldn’t just give us a little indicator telling us regen is occurring). Slowed down to go up our hill, under 30mph. Never got any warning to keep driving to complete a regen. Got home, it was idling high and that burning soot smell. No messages on the dash, shut off the engine.

This morning I started it up to warm up the cab for the kiddos. No error msgs. Let it idle for longer than I usually do or am comfortable with. Sure enough when I got back in to leave, Check Engine Light was on. Drove about 260 miles mostly at 70-80mph. No performance degradation, it actually seemed to improve. Was holding steady at 36mpg on a slight incline at 68mph. Check engine light was on the entire trip. Couldn’t tell if regen occurred, it’s hard to tell at highway speeds for me.

Stopped near home to get dinner and shut off the engine. Restarting the engine Check Engine Light Cleared.

1) any thoughts or comments? Similar occurrences?

2) Why couldn’t they give us a DPF alarm like the DEF alarm? Why group it into the overall check engine?

3) Why only let commercial and fleet 1500s do a manual regen? Anyway to get the option added aftermarket?

4) If the DPF was clogged but I never got the error msg to continue driving to finish the regen would that have been covered under warranty? Can they see in the computer log if I did or did not receive that msg to continue driving?

still no regrets, but now I’m uber paranoid about idling at all.
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