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2020 Chevy Silverado 2500 High Country 4x4
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It all started with a leaking rear window, No worries... seems like a pretty common issue even though my service advisor acted like it was the first time he had heard of it. I quickly showed them the tsb and they started the process. The tech initially resealed the window and everything seemed well after the first rain, Fast forward and it’s now leaking again and appears to be worse than initially.

The check engine light came on the other day, didn’t notice any drivability issue so I powered it home and pulled the codes.

P0700 and U0100, again seemed like a common issue with a multitude of fixes so I called the dealership and after a New ECM computer and two days I finally got it back. I really like this truck, but it’s been in the shop more in a few months of ownership than my previous 5 cars all together. I hope they can get things ironed out..

Rant Over.
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