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2 month old 2021 3500HD diesel, 2,700 miles. High Country, Z71 package, camper package, snow plow package (and all the other non-powertrain packages). I have a loud squeak coming from the left rear of the truck when driven over bumpy streets. If I drive over a speed bump with both rear tires on the bump at the same time it doesn’t happen, if I angle the truck to the right and let the left tire go over first the left will squeak every time. Any thoughts on this? Dealer re-torqued the U-Bolts per a TSB with no positive results, I was skeptical when they thought it would correct this.
Also, today I had around 1,500 lbs. on and noticed while I was unloading and kneeling on the tailgate that the rear leaf springs have a groan noise coming from one or both. Maybe bushings or shocks? I have a 2006 2500HD Duramax crew cab that I bought new, has 220,000 on it now, I am familiar with the rear spring squeaks that can occur when the trucks age but this noise is different and not expected on a new truck.
Replacement intermediate steering shaft on order as well. This is strictly an on-road truck.
Recently I backed the truck out of a driveway onto a street, as soon as the wheels were straight the engine died. Started right up but..... Only did it that one time was not low on fuel.
I’m happy with the truck overall but even with low miles we seem to be headed towards more time in the shop.
Thank you for any thoughts you have on these issues!
I had the same problem on my 2021 K3500. After doing all the BS the dealership recommended (shocks, spring pads, drive shaft yoke lubrication), at my cost of course. I found an article that addressed the issue. At the factory, the rear suspension was torqued while the suspension was relaxed. Therefore, the suspension needed to be relaxed and re-torqued loaded. A mechanic friend of mine was able to hang the truck on a lift loosen everything. While the suspension was relaxed, he used fluid film (wool wax) to lubricate the springs and suspension parts. Afterwards, we lowered the truck to “ride height” and re-torqued everything. Since the “fix” I’ve driven 20,000 miles and everything has remained quiet. I speculate eventually I may have to lubricate everything again. Hope this helps.
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