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2023 LZ0- Regen frequency

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Hey fellas,

Coming from 21 LM2 to a 23 LZ0, I’ve noticed many subtle differences in the 12K kms(7K miles) I’ve clocked so far. But one thing that’s way different is the regen frequency.
On LM2, it was ~1000kms/600m on black top doing Hwy speeds and ~350kms/250m off-road/low speed conditions.
On LZ0 thought, ~400kms/280m on black top and ~180kms/115m off-road.
I’m not complaining, just a curious observation and to confirm this with other LZ0 owners.
Seems like the engine upgrade was more to do with emissions. Although as far as CO2 and Smog rating goes, there is no significant difference.
May the DPF is of lower capacity?
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I'm noting my distance between Regens are running around 180 miles during the first 1,500 miles. Seems rather frequent to me for mixed highway and suburban driving. I bought an iDash specifically to track it. Hopefully it gets better.
Wow, 400 kms between regens is LOW… how has your mileage compared to the LM2?
Mileage is the same. DEF usage as well.
Personally the extra HP and TQ are barely noticeable.
One gripe I do have is the sound system. I’ve always had the Bose option in all of my 6 previous GM’s. 2023 are the worst sounding by far. Not sure if it’s because of the new “VIP” global platform for circuits or a marketing decision to de-tune level-1 Bose and open up a wider gap for level-2 in Denali ultimate/AT4X.
Also the new trucks don’t have any 12V plugs, only USB, PIA;coz all my equipment is geared for 12V. Had to add the plugs and also a sub woofer.
I’m running 400-450 mile average on regen with the LZO

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