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211,000 miles

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Looking for a Duramax and ran across an 05 fully loaded 4 door Silverado with 211k on the odometer, the interior looks immaculate and the drivers seat wasnt even torn in the normal spot or anywhere for that matter. They had it price at 13k, just curious if that seemed like a good price? I might go look at it and just wondering what are some warning signs i should look for when looking it over and driving it?
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depends where you live, and how it looks for judging a price. where i am i got a 05 with 240k for 14k lt fully loaded etc with a.r.e. top of the line topper. the truck is spotless everyone who has guessed miles on it sofar have guessed well under 100k.

if its as good as you say it looks and if you can get records or info on owners and it checks out, id do it for 12 if they do it.
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