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4 wheel drive

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yo what do i need to do to make both front wheels spin in four wheel drive?
im gona be pullin so i want a true four wheel drive when i push the button...not this three wheel s#!t :cool:
thanks guys:drink
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Shit my trucks 2 wheel in 4 wheel.
get an e locker for it.
where can i get that and how
Tyler at meyers performance is a vendor on here and he sells them. I believe he sells both the grizzly locker and the detroit locker. They run about 1000 i think. It will lock the wheels together and make both wheels pull at the same speed! These will save your butt in a mud hole and if you sled pull it will help also!
get an e locker for it.
This ^ i've heard nothing but good about them, I'm gonna get one.
its expensive but i think its worth it
e locker or arb air locker...might as well get a real one for the rear as well. go ARB all the way around and its like havin a chevy power wagon!
whos a vendor on here for thay stuff
im sure most of them could get you all to Nor-cal Nick or Tyler thats who i deal mostly with and both are great guys but really everyone on here is great to work with!
i just googled it and ound their home website..these things are pretty badass....heres the link

Air Locker Video Footage
ya there real bad ass untill you pay for them $$$ well worth it though.
ARBs are definitely the way to go. You can unlock them while city driving, then lock them when you need them. Full time lockers will drive you crazy around town!
While we are on the 4WD subject, does anyone know of anybody that has converted a 2WD to 4WD? A buddy has an 05 crew long 2WD that we are thinking of trying to do it on. Straight axle front. I'm just wondering what transfer case and axle to use. I've done conversions on older trucks, but nothing this new.

Any ideas or contacts?
You want to talk to Todd aka six-gun on here and he can tell you everything you want to know about them and some more. He has used both and can probably give you insight on which one he likes the best! A plus is that he is co owner of meyer performance with Tyler i believe or he works for him one...
I appreciate the info! I'll see what he says...

Thanks again
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