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5th Wheel Adapter

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Any 5th wheel travel trailer pullers out there using an adapter?
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I built a gooseneck conversion for my 5th wheel.
No problems? what does your trailer weigh?
If your fifth wheel trailer has a Lippert frame, any such adapter voids the warranty From reading this, it's obvious the frame is not designed to withstand the additional stress' from the adapter.
Link no worky!:tease
Please try the link again and PM me if it's still broken. I have the adobe document downloaded already, and IE 7 keeps re-routing me to it instead of the website.:confused:
5th wheel adapter

I have 37' Norad with slides I believe when its race ready (rack on back of trailer with generator, grills and such) it is over 11k lbs. I normally pull it with a gooseneck adapter. Never had a problem with it. I also tried a B&W Companion hitch to see if pulled easier or cushioned the ride any better. This will fit into your gooseneck ball reciever and acts like a normal Kingpin/receiver set up. This works very well but for $500 I am not sure it is worth the cost for the benfit you recieve.
I am a relative newbie fifth-wheel owner, and wonder what the advantages are of the gooseneck connection, versus the normal fifth-wheel arrangement ?

We pull our 37 ' fifth wheel RV with a stock Hijacker 16K fifth-wheel hitch. Our rig has a Lippert frame, which did crack a cross-member, and the repair crew did look at our hitch while they were on-site welding up the mess. Must have been checking for a non-standard hitch so they could void the warranty !
im not running a fifth wheel, but i do have a goose neck plate in the back of my truck and tow a 44' car trailer for when i go racing.
B&W companion

Since you already have a B&W hitch I recommend the companion 5th wheel adapter. I have one and it works great, and you don't have to worry about any frame or warranty issues with your trailer.
Also have the B&W Turnover Ball goose neck in the bed and use a Companion hitch. It goes in and comes out of the bed a treat, comes out in two parts so I can do it myself and tows wonderfully.
Go with an Andersen.
Much lighter than the B&W companion
Go with an Andersen.
Much lighter than the B&W companion
This thread is from 2007, Anderson wasn't around back then I don't think?
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