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Let me start with saying I don't know much about diesel engines or trucks to begin with so thanks for the help ( I definitely cannot afford one of the many high dollar shops in my area since both the wifey and I are laid off due to the Coronavirus bullshit going around)! My 03 gmc 2500 duramax sounds like it wants to turn over but no matter how long you lay on the key it won't crank. This problem was preceded by a few things that may or may not be related.

1. I don't drive the truck as often as I should. Sometimes it took me two weeks to realize I haven't driven the truck so occasionally I would try to drive it and the batteries would be dead. Then it got to the point where one wouldn't hold a charge at all so I swapped that battery out because it was under warranty. I did not change the other one at the same time. After replacing this battery it worked good for a month or so but again bad habits prevailed and sometimes I wouldn't crank it for around two weeks. So constantly charging batteries again.

2. Around the time I changed the battery this stated happening - the language would randomly change to French or Espanol while I was cruising down the road. Sometimes it would constantly toggle between English, French, and Spanish while I was driving. Both of these were extremely annoying but ultimately I could still drive the truck so not a huge deal. Eventually after starting and stopping a few times it would stop toggling and I could switch it back to English.

3. I ran out of diesel when the gauge read 1/4 tank. The gauge seemed to work fine before then. Now I try to fill it at half a tank to avoid having to repair the float in the tank or whatever is causing that issue.

Since the crank, no start issue I have tested both batteries good at every auto parts store in town. I thought it might be the alternator since the batteries kept draining. It looked easy enough to take off, which it was, and oddly enough it tested bad at 3 auto parts stores. I was excited as a virgin on prom night because I thought I got lucky and found my fix. Wellllll that didn't fix a damn thing! Still the same issue the truck turns over, sounds really strong, but won't fire up. I guess it was just a coincidence that the alternator was bad or close to going bad. I don't really trust the parts stores because after all they are in the business to sell parts and half the time it seems like I know more than the kid a the counter even though I'm essentially just a parts changer and don't know how to diagnose squat. That's why I took it to three stores to have it tested. Thanks again for the help boys!
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