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Im new here, was looking for a chevy site to come on over to and was pointed in this direction by crzycowboy.

Yes I actually do have a 6L Cummins Turbo Diesel. It is out of a Case IH tractor, 5140 Case IH . I bought the truck with the engine already installed. here is all that has been done to it:

5.9L CTD bored .040 over
new pistons changed compression ratio from 16:1-18:1
pump turned up(not sure how far)
NV4500 behind it.

Front end has a Dana 60 under it to support the weight.

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Josh is a good dude, I like to pick on him when ever I get the chance!:drink
pics to come i have them just not up here yet
:welcome to the site,it's always good to have another diesel guy on board.....i think i seen your name on the ctd forum...
Sounds cool, WElcome to the site!!
Hiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nicole
Pictures are in my garage if ya want more ill try to get some more up.
welcome to the site
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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