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Well, after two and half hours under the lift yesterday evening, I got all the fluids changed in the truck, minus the power-steering, switched to AMSOIL!! I should get the power-steering done sometime soon.

I changed my oil over to the 5w-40 to give it a try and since I am moving to Missouri where it doesn't get as hot and does get colder. I also pulled my rear differential cover off and took a look. The fluid coming out was pretty dark and had a nasty smell to it. I stuck my finger in there and found a nice little bit of fine metal. Almost felt like fine mud when touching it. So both front and rear are switched over to 75w-90 severe gear. The front drain plug magnet was also covered in metal!! I changed out the transmission fluid and replaced it with Torque Drive. The fluid that came out didn't look to bad surprisingly! Now the surprising part was when I drained my transfer case. I would say less than a quart came out!! I dumped 2 quarts of low viscosity ATF in to replace it.

I only had a short drive back home after it was all complete, but I could feel the difference in the way the truck shifted. Seemed a little quieter and smoother. I guess only time will tell. I am also sending off a oil sample from the old 15w-40 oil that was in the truck before. I am mainly doing this to see how the fuel dilution issue is affecting my truck. Especially since I drive under harsh conditions, short stop and go driving, and not much time at operating temperatures, and the oil only has about 5,000 miles on it! I will let you all know how that comes back.

I have a 38' Cyclone toy hauler and I am hoping that making the switch over to all synthetic will help with keep some temperatures down when pulling it. Especially since I am moving it across the country this May!

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Sounds like you had a fun weekend of maintenance! :rof

I got a new rear diff cover so IM replacing my rear diff fluid soon. Im not sure what exactly I should use though. I only got 30,000 miles on my truck so Im interested to see what it looks like :rolleyes:

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