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You can download a PDF of the manual here: Chevrolet Silverado Owners Manuals -

Hey guys recently got my self a 07 Lbz Classic... didnt come with the owner manual and my friend let me in his warm garage tonight to start looking at the truck..

I have look everywhere and cant seem to find a owner manual online.. just for the NBS ....

There is a couple of thing on my list tonight but one i really want to fix

-rear Center console not working
-only one passenger speaker working.
- check every fluid

No worry i already did oil change, fuel filter change, tranny flush and the blower motor resistor, hell the tranny was missing alot.... :S ( stupid leaking lines lol )

Heard there is an amp under the console but could it be a fuse? without having a manual its kinda hard to know where the amp is located and where are the fuses :(

Anyways trucks runs very well hopefully i dont find any bad news tonight! :gearjamin
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